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What’s it like to live in Pitshanger

13 Sep 2018
What’s it like to live in Pitshanger

Last week we visited the Northfields Estates office in Albert Terrace, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing and chatted to Leah Verasammy, the Assistant Branch Manager, and all-round ‘smiley face’ and amazing sales negotiator!

Leah showed us places to go, which are of interest in Pitshanger, and showed us how to find them on the office map.  This is what we call ‘old school’ estate agency, but Leah explained that so many people come into the office just to look at the huge map on the wall, and she delights in pointing out all the highlights and delights of the area.  In a time when so much is done over the internet, it really is refreshing to have a friendly face to speak to, especially someone so knowledgeable and approachable.  This must be one of the reasons that Leah crops up at the top of the Northfields leader board month after month!


The Pitshanger office has just had a complete refurbishment but still maintains that welcoming feel that it’s always had.  Not sure about you, but we prefer to see a smiling face and someone who immediately jumps up to say hello when you walk into an estate agents office than a hi-tech place with a bunch of ‘salespeople’ sitting behind computer screens.  That said, on the day we visited it was terribly hot outside, and the new air-conditioning was a reason, on its own, to stay and chat for a little longer than planned!

Pitshanger Office Northfields estates
Northfields pitshanger officeSo off we went along the village high street ‘Pitshanger Lane’ to see some of the sights Leah had mentioned to us:

Pitshanger Lane EalingPretty Pitshanger lane is the home to a lot of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants.  Harrison’s Wine and Cheese shop definitely caught our eye!

Further down the lane, for those tennis enthusiasts out there, we spotted a house with a blue plaque and, low and behold, it was FRED PERRY.  He used to live at 223 Pitshanger Lane, Ealing and he played at The Brentham Tennis Club, which is just down the road.  We couldn’t get inside but we sneaked a pic through the wire fence for you!  If you click on the photo you can see their website, it looks pretty amazing and offers a lot more than just tennis.  I expect the younger readers are asking “who is Fred Perry”… well, he was our championship-winning English tennis and table tennis player, who won 10 Majors including eight Grand Slams and two Pro Slams.  Prior to Andy Murray in 2013, Perry was the last British player to win the men’s Wimbledon championship, in 1936 and was the last British player to win a Men’s singles Grand Slam title until Andy Murray won the 2012 US Open.  That’s a pretty impressive start to our Pitshanger tour!

Fred Perry Lived in Pitshanger Lane


Just along the road from the tennis club is Pitshanger Park which certainly is a beautiful place to visit on such a lovely day.  The park hosts many events throughout the year, including the Pitshanger Party in the Park in June annually, and if you click on the photo it will take you to the park’s website.

Pitshanger Park Ealing

Our overriding feeling as we drove away from Pitshanger was that it just did not feel like we were in the heart of Ealing, so close to the main shopping centre of Ealing Broadway and within a short train or bus ride to Central London. There is such a village feel and it is clear there is great community spirit, with so many people nodding “hello” as we walked along, that it was easy to see why it is such a popular area for people to live.

The roads are tree-lined, the houses attractive Edwardian & Victorian buildings, refurbished and restored but most of the work carried out in a very sympathetic way, maintaining a fabulous look to the area.  If you are thinking of moving, why not get in touch with the Pitshanger team and they can show you all of the properties currently available.

We hope that if you visit, you get the same warm feeling that we did!

Jane & Halee

The Northfields Social Media Team

Pitshanger Tree Lined Roads and Attractive Period Houses