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Why our Gold Medal Win for the Best Social Media Award at the Times/Sunday Estate Agency of the Year makes a difference for you

8 Dec 2014
Why our Gold Medal Win for the Best Social Media Award at the Times/Sunday Estate Agency of the Year makes a difference for you

It’s pretty easy to get all caught up in the excitement of winning a national award for being the best in your industry.  This Friday when we were presented with our Gold Medal award for Best Social Media at the Lancaster Hotel by Michelle Mone, OBE and founder of lingerie brand Ultimo and celebrity presenter Penny Smith, we were flying very high.  And to be honest, we’re still flying pretty high.

Colleen Babcock, Marketing Manger and Nick Devonport, Managing Director accept the Gold Medal for Best Social Media from Michelle Mone, OBE

I was speaking to one of my colleagues at another colleague’s birthday party the day after our big award win.  Leah, who works in our Pitshanger office was saying that when she attended a training day with a well-known estate agency trainer, Josh Phegan she was blown away by the reaction that other estate agents had to our reputation.  They exclaimed over our 33 national award wins and our reputation for marketing that is far and beyond what the “average” estate agency offers.  Leah was saying how easy it is for us at Northfields to forget that what we do on a day to day basis is actually quite special in our industry.  These award wins remind us that we should be immensely proud of what our team can achieve.

More importantly though, it reminds us that we can offer something to our customers that other agents can’t – something that helps our customers.


Social media can be less intimidating

For us, we see social media as a way to be there for our customers – however and whenever they want to contact us.  We know that taking that big step to call an estate agent can be intimidating, but asking a question via social media makes us feel much more comfortable.  Especially if you can ask that question in your slippers with your feet up and a glass of wine in hand while watching Downton Abbey.

Community connections

Not only that, but social media allows us to support our local community.  We are the hosts of #EalingHour on Twitter which allows us to support local charities, churches, community groups and local businesses who are based in Ealing where 4 out of 6 of our West London offices are located.

Hopefully by supporting our community this way, when it comes time for someone to sell or let their property or perhaps rent or buy a new home, they won’t hesitate to come to us – knowing that support is an integral part of what we do.

Speaking of support

We’d like to thank our whole team who get so involved with our social media – telling their own stories, sharing their local knowledge and even tweeting and messaging customers who feel most comfortable chatting to us via social media platforms.

We also want to extend our thanks to our fans and followers who are incredibly supportive and positive.  They are there sharing content, cheering us on and acting as our advocates and advisors whenever we ask.

Christmas colleen
Join Colleen during #EalingHour on Twitter every Tues between 8-9pm

The Twitter users who participate every Tuesday in #EalingHour keep our social media community humming with excitement are particularly deserving of a huge Northfields shout-out – thank you for being there for us and we hope to be there for you for a long time to come.

How can we help you?  Tweet us your question @Northfieldslive or ask for advice on our Facebook page.  We’re here for you.