Rosanne Goreham

Law Degree, Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Senior Property manager

About Work

I handle all sorts of day to day enquiries regarding all aspects of property management, from the most mundane maintenance issues to the most extraordinary! Sometimes we almost turn into detectives or scientists to get to the bottom of them. I enjoy the job as it can be quite varied and resolving matters can be very satisfying. It can be very busy and although this can make the day fly by I do wish there were more hours in the day sometimes! The best bit is knowing how to fix an abundance of issues in my own home!

About Me

I completed my studies in 2005, graduating with a law degree and post graduate diploma in legal practice. In my “spare” time I like to read, write, bake, listen to music, watch tv, paint, garden etc – anything creative really, however, it’s mainly spent running around after my children.

About My Area

Ealing is one of the leafiest and greenest boroughs in London, from the many parks to Horsenden Hill, there is plenty of open space to enjoy and relax. In the evenings there is lots to do from the many eateries, to lively pubs with live music. For the theatrical there is the Questor’s Theatre and for the musical I would definitely recommend attending a concert by Ealing Youth Orchestra or Ealing Symphony Orchestra! Ealing also has a number of festivals throughout the year including Ealing Film Festival given Ealing’s steeped history within the film industry.

You can find Rosanne at our Other Services branch

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What I Love About The Neighbourhood

In this photo I’m standing in the middle of Walpole Park, Ealing. Its a large park with lots of amazing places to explore and a popular place for many dog walkers.

Mattock Ln,


London W5 5EQ