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Don’t just tell them. Show them.

Video is time captured forever. Hundreds of images put together to give the viewer a sense of space in time. It’s the next best thing to actually being there. Because of this, we want our customers to experience the dedication of our staff along with their wonderful personalities as best we can before actually meeting them.

Below are a few examples of our videos, and our channel can be viewed here.

Getting to know the team

Here at Northfields we’ve been proactively trying to film and share videos of our staff for our YouTube page and other social media. In these videos our staff discuss anything from how they love the team they work in and recent customers service success stories, to their history with Northfields for recruitment purposes. These all help to entice potential clients and employees by showing a transparent view of our friendly team and how passionate we are for what we do.

Take a look at our video playlist The Northfields Way.

Market Experts

Northfields prides itself on having knowledgable, local staff who are all capable of analysing property market trends. We’ve recently started a quarterly market update to help customers make informed decisions with their homes and get the most out of their Northfields experience.

Keep informed with our Market Updates.

Social Media Engagement

Whilst it’s true that we do work harder than anyone else, we are always keen to keep a friendly, fun atmosphere in the office. Video is the best way of allowing our client base to get to know us better, so we created a weekly video playlist called Our Friday Feeling that shows the lighthearted things our staff have been up to that week, whether it’s a photoshoot for the new website, a community fundraiser or just a few words from a happy staff member. On top of all this, we’ve begun doing multicultural videos in this playlist to increase our usual catchment to foreign viewers by having our multilingual staff say a few words in their native language.

Check the Our Friday Feeling playlist.