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Rental Investing

Committed to finding you the best investment property

At Northfields we understand that many of our customers are choosing property as their investment of choice.  It is vital, therefore, to be able to point you towards the best area locations, the best properties, even the best apartments to choose in various blocks, so that you can maximise your return on your investment.  We offer our investor clients valuable advice on all aspects of your investment, whether you actually purchase a property through Northfields or not.  Come to us, talk through your preferences, let us help you to make the most informed decision possible.


Providing you a fabulous tenant

Once we have assisted with finding you the very best investment property available, we can match your property to one of our fabulous tenants, in the very quickest time and for the perfect price.  One thing you can be assured of is our honesty, we will never give a false valuation in order to secure your business, we will never rush the tenancy process, we will never cut corners.  Using Northfields for your rental investment will definitely be the best choice that you make.

When is the right time to invest?

With around 4.5 million UK households in the Private Rental Sector (Department for Communities & Local Government Local Housing Survey, February 2015) and the average UK deposit amount required for a first time buyer reaching £27,000 (around 80% of the average income) it would appear that the PRS is here to stay and likely to grow even more steeply over the next 5-10 years.  These facts, accompanied by the return on investment remaining low in UK savings accounts, means that the time to invest in property is NOW…

Ealing is the one to watch

Tube to rail accounts for 78% of all trips into Central London.  In 2017 (anticipated) Crossrail is expected to bring 1.5 million more people within 45 minutes of commuting distance of the Capital’s key business districts, giving an estimated £42 million boost to the economy.  Wise homebuyers and investors are focusing on areas thrown into the spotlight by the new route and Ealing is set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries, as it will connect commuters to every key employment centre.  (Evening Standard, Homes & Property).