If there’s one thing that became apparent in 2020, it’s that there’s been a fundamental shift in the way we interact with our homes and the spaces we inhabit. As much as there has been a rise in people looking to move to properties with outdoor space or extra rooms, there’s also been a marked increase in people taking the opportunity to carry out home renovations. Here are just some of the renovation trends we’ve been seeing, and that we expect to increase throughout 2021 and beyond!

#1 Giving rooms a new lease of life

Homeowners are looking to maximise the space they have, which over the last year they’ve had no choice but to spend a considerable amount of time in. There’s a much bigger emphasis on making space for recreation, with social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram awash with creative ideas including home cinemas, garages converted into gyms, and home libraries.

Home cinema renovation trends 2021


#2 It’s the year of the home office

According to research conducted by the Institute of Directors (IoD), 74% of businesses are planning on incorporating the ability to work from home going forward. That statistic matches the number of people looking to carve out space in their homes in order to separate work, and leisure without the separation of the daily commute.

For those with more space to play with, this might mean converting garages or rooms to offices which can have the door closed on them at the end of the day. It might also mean extensions (read our blog post on permitted development, if this is something you’re considering), or even habitable sheds in the garden!

If you don’t have space to play with, then inventive, clever, and functional furniture is the name of the game. Being able to fold away your desk at the end of the day to gain back your living space will make it easier to relax, and separate your work and home life which is really important for mental wellbeing.

Home working


#3 Multigenerational households are on the rise

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson presented a plan for easing England out of lockdown, but realistically it’s still going to be some time before things get back to normal. Many families who have been ‘bubbled’ with older relatives, are starting to plan for the future and looking to make it a more permanent arrangement, renovating their homes to create space for their relatives to maintain their independence and privacy, without being separated by Covid-19 restrictions.

Old hand holding young hand


#4 Turning the outdoors into a room

With socialising outdoors looking to be order of the day for 2021, the idea of bringing the indoors, outdoors is one that’s high on the agenda for lots of people. Creating a natural flow from house to garden using big folding doors, adding outdoor heating, and bringing in comfy seating to replace the traditional white plastic of years gone by are all ways to turn outdoor space, into liveable space.

Luxury garden seating


#5 Bathroom havens

This one is for the parents who have been occupied with home learning. We see you. The trip to the bathroom with some of your secret chocolate stash to get a few minutes’ peace has been a sanity-preserving essential. With that in mind, why not go the full way and turn it into an actual haven? Luxurious free-standing baths, air-cleansing plants, and mood lighting are all order of the day.

Bathroom haven

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