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5 Steps for How to Make Downsizing Easier

9 Sep 2013

you are an empty nester looking to cut down to a more manageable property or
have to cut down to a smaller size property for other reasons, it can be
difficult both emotionally and practically to squeeze your life and possessions
into a smaller space. 
Downsizing help and advice

Here are 5 steps to help you downsize:

1. Write a list

List the items of sentimental
value that you just can’t get rid of and make a list of practical items that
you simply can’t do without.  If you didn’t
think of an item while writing your list and simply come across it while
packing, think of why that item didn’t pop into your head in the first place.  Have you even used it in the past year?  If not, maybe it’s not that vital. 

2. Tackle one area at a time

Starting at least 3 months in
advance if you can, take a small amount of time each day to tackle one area –
the bedroom wardrobe, a particular bookcase etc.  That way you won’t get overwhelmed by trying
to do the whole thing at once.

3.  Digitise paperwork

Paperwork takes up a vast amount of space.  Is there a way you could scan or digitise
your paperwork so that you don’t have to store mountains of paper?  Perhaps use a scanner and put all the
paperwork on an external hard drive?  Just
make sure that you have backed up your data in several different places, so you
won’t lose important paperwork.  You
could also request that your bank statements and bills come to you only in online
or digital format from now on, so that you don’t add to the paperwork problem
going forward.

4. Figure out if your furniture will fit

If you already know where you’ll
be moving to, make sure to figure out if your current furniture will fit in the
new space.  You could get a feel for the
new rooms by comparing
rooms of similar dimensions in your present home. For example, your new reception room might be roughly
the same size as your current bedroom. Alternatively, you could use a floorplan
to measure out the new room sizes in your current home and use string to
delineate the room borders.  Now does
your current furniture fit?  Do you need
to replace it or just cut down?

5.  Donate or sell furniture

Recycle, reuse, sell and
donate items you are no longer using. 
You could sell unwanted items at a car boot sale to make some extra
money, pass things you can no longer use to friends or family or donate the
unwanted items to charity shops.  At
Northfields we have helped clients to downsize in the past and even arranged to
have the British Heart Foundation collect furniture with a free collection

At Northfields we
know that sometimes downsizing can be hard, but if you tackle it one bit at
time, it needn’t be overwhelming. 

If you are looking
to sell your home to find somewhere smaller or looking for the perfect
downsized property to buy, we can help. 
Call us on 020 8740 6622 or email us at [email protected]
for help and advice on downsizing or to request a no obligation valuation of
your home
.  It’s free, it’s no fuss and
it might help you to decide if downsizing is the right option for you.