5 Things to Help Sell Your Home

When you’re trying to sell your home, the general advice is ‘reduce clutter, and make it look appealing for the photos and viewers, but this could become expensive really quickly if you’re not sure which areas to focus on. If you’re looking to maximise your property on a minimal budget, then this is a great start…

Silk emulsion 5 litres £20, Wilko

We’re not suggesting you paint everywhere. However, living in a property for a long time can mean there are marks on the walls which you hardly notice, but which a potential buyer will be drawn to. Have a wander around your property and try and look at it through the eyes of someone buying. Is there a wall that looks a bit grubby due to age? Was the black feature wall in the master bedroom a good idea at the time?

For £15 and an hour or two, you can delight potential buyers with how fresh it looks!

Large cream chenille throw £24, Dunelm

If you’ve got a favourite bedding set which is the most comfortable thing in the world, yet also doesn’t particularly match the room then there’s a solution for that. Cover the whole thing in a lovely throw. Add a few accent cushions for homeliness bonus points.

At £24 this gorgeous throw from Dunelm is the most expensive item on our list, however, you can curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and wrap yourself in it in your new home, to celebrate a job well done.

Grout pen £3.99, Amazon

Grouting. The bane of every property owner’s existence. It looks lovely when the tiles are fresh and new, but over a period of years it can become dull, and no amount of scrubbing can make it look clean again. But what’s this?

A pen that magically makes the grouting white again? For £3.99? For the effect, it has on viewers’ opinions of your property, and your marketing photos – it’s an absolute steal!

Artificial pot plants £4, IKEA

With the best will in the world, if you’re not a pot plant person and your house is filled with sad-looking plants, the good intentions you purchased them with are not enough to warm the hearts of viewers. Not only is IKEA excellent at meatballs, but they’re also great at solutions too. For £4 you can place these artificial succulents around your home to add a pop of greenery, and you don’t have to worry about keeping them looked after whilst you’re busy organising your move.

Lamp £14.99, The Range

Light it up! If there’s a dark corner in your home, especially as there’s starting to be a bit of an autumn-vibe, then consider adding a lamp to illuminate it. This will instantly make your rooms look bigger, as well as creating a more inviting atmosphere. This lamp from The Range would add a gorgeous light touch wherever it’s placed.

So there we have it!

For £66.98 and a very small amount of time, your home will be presenting its best side! If you would like someone to discuss marketing your property, then we’d love to have a chat with you.

Just give our office a call on 020 8740 6622 and we’ll be happy to help!

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