Whether you are putting a property up for sale or preparing to let it out, giving the whole place a once-over with a fresh coat of paint will make your property look its best.

To attract the highest number and the best quality of buyers and tenants it is best to use neutral colours so that people can easily picture their furniture in the space.  You might love a bright red feature wall, but your buyers or tenants may not.

First of all see this guide from B&Q on which paint types to choose

The key to painting well is preparation.

Step 1

Clean walls.
Remove dust, dirt, and grease spots (which can ruin a smooth finish) with water, a little mild washing -up liquid, and a sponge. Rinse walls with clean water to remove the soap residue.

Step 2

Tape the trim, window, and doorframes
Use painter’s tape, which can be applied up to a week ahead. Remove tape immediately after painting, before the wall dries, so you don’t peel off any paint with it.

Step 3

Use an undercoat.
Depending on what type of paint you use you may need to use an undercoat, particularly if you are painting over a dark colour.  Check the manufacturer’s advice. Often, however, an undercoat will ensure better results. Look out for specially formulated base coat which includes fine, flexible fillers that will cover not just strong colour but filled areas and hairline cracks.

Step 4

Paint the ceiling.
Paint the ceiling first, since you are bound to get some on the walls. Then paint the walls, and finally the woodwork.

Step 5

Brush where you can’t roll.
Brush on paint around baseboards and in the corners of walls, where your roller can’t reach, with a two-inch angled brush. Extend out two to three inches from windows, doors, and baseboards.

Step 6

Use the band technique.
Start painting by the window or light source, and paint in bands away from and in parallel to it. Paint one wall at a time and only stop when you reach the corner of a room, not in the middle of a wall.

Step 7

Paint the trim.
When the walls are completely dry, tape where the baseboard meets the wall. Paint the baseboards and the door and window frames with a two-inch angled brush.

Can you paint safely?

If you are not able to reach parts of your walls or ceiling safely, can’t keep pets or children away from the wet paint or just don’t have the time, energy or inclination to paint your property yourself, then you may want to consider hiring a professional.

Don’t know any reliable professional decorators?

Our property management team know reliable professionals that they are happy to recommend.

If you are one of our landlords who has chosen our Fully Managed service, our property management team will manage the whole project for you, but otherwise they are happy to pass on the names and numbers of our favoured suppliers who can help you to get your property in top-notch condition.  Call our Property Management team on 020 8799 4366 or contact them via email at propertymanagement@northfields.co.uk