A house move can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re doing it yourself without the help of professional movers. So here are 9 top tips to keep moving day, well, moving!

Pack your first night box

When moving into a new place, nothing is ever where you remember you packed it. No-one wants to be searching for toothpaste at 1 am. Put all your essentials for a couple of days into boxes that are clearly labelled, or even stored somewhere else until they are needed. Items such as spare clothes, toiletries, medical items and scissors could all be included.

You could even have a ‘now bag’ with things like teabags, mugs, a tea towel, toilet roll and washing up liquid – things you’ll want to hand near enough immediately when you get to your new home.

Make a Plan

You will probably have a rough idea of how your day is going to go, but having a written plan for what exactly needs to be done and when, can really help the days leading up to and after the big day. You can tick off things as you go, and you’ll have a starting plan for the days after moving in.

Organise while Packing

Most of the time we set out with good intentions when packing, and by the end it’s tempting to fling any old thing into a box because there’s still room. One thing that really helps speed up unpacking is making sure the boxes labelled ‘random stuff’ are kept to a minimum.

Food glorious food

Chances are, you’ll have some offers of help. Definitely make the most of those, and ask your friends or family to bring you some sustenance on the days after moving, this can be a great help because you don’t have to think about buying, cooking or cleaning up afterwards for the first couple of days.

Important documents Box

When moving there are lots of things that need to be altered, changed over, and cancelled. One of the most annoying things is not being able to find account numbers, passport numbers or anything that is not easily accessible from your emails. Putting all the paperwork in one place, means when you come to do all the admin from the house move, you don’t have to go searching.

List of address changes

Write a list of places you need to change your address. This can be from ID, passports and your V5 form, to rewards cards, memberships, university alumni magazines and the doctors. You will likely forget something, but that’s okay because number 7 can help with that too.

Redirect the post

This is a great service for many reasons. Mainly it means that for 6 or 12 month’s post is not sent to the wrong address. It also helps you compile a list of accounts you have forgotten to change to your new address, as the post comes with a label stating the redirection! It covers all letters and parcels being sent to a previous address via Royal Mail. You can find out more here.

Do what you can before your house move

This step might seem extremely obvious, but it’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of ‘that doesn’t have to be done until after, so I’ll leave it for now’. By the end of the week of moving you will be so tired that you will not want to sit for hours and change addresses and accounts and utilities after work. Do absolutely everything you can before you move and don’t forget to make a list of what’s left so it’s easier to pick up where you left off.

Comfort all the way!

This tip is super practical, and a little left field. This is going to be down to personal preference, but unless you have an army of movers to do all the lugging around, make sure you’re wearing something comfy with a sturdy supportive shoe. Moving day requires a lot of walking, moving, bending, and just generally being quite active. Trying to sort things out while being uncomfortable is not going to get you relaxing on that sofa any quicker.

So there you have it, 9 top tips to make your house move the stuff of dreams!

If you’re a buyer looking for more information about the process, please visit our the buyers’ page on our website, where you will find a whole wealth of resources to help you on your buying journey.