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All I Want for Christmas is my House Sold – 5 tips to make sure you get your Christmas wish

22 Nov 2013

As the holidays approach the number of enquiries from buyers do tend to slow down a bit.  However, if you’ve chosen to continue to market your property for sale over the festive period you have a serious advantage.  Namely, if buyers are out viewing property in late November and December, chances are, they are serious and motivated about moving!

We have some tips to make sure that those buyers put your property at the top of their wish list!

Here are 5 tips to make sure that all anyone wants for Christmas is your property:

1.  Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle

When you are decorating for the holidays try to keep it simple.  Choose a colour scheme and stick to it! It will make your home look magazine-styled and inviting rather than a crazy clutter of Christmas.  Apply the “less is more” theory to your Christmas cards as well and don’t display all the holiday good wishes you receive or again the space will look cluttered.

2.  If they can’t stand the heat, they may get out of the kitchen!

Remember most of the people who come in to view your property will be wearing coats, either provide them with an easy place to hang it (and maybe even a little sign inviting them to take off their coat and make themselves comfortable?) or keep the temperature slightly cooler to make viewers still wearing their outdoor gear feel much more comfortable while they look around.  If your potential buyers feel over-heated they may rush to leave and you may find your property gets a cool reception. 

3.  Smells like home

Scientists have found that scent is the sense most closely related to emotion.  You can help people form an emotional attachment to your home by letting a warm, homey scent drift through your rooms.  American realtors will often suggest that the scent of baking bread creates that emotional connection, so you could always try popping a half-baked baguette in the oven before viewers arrive – just don’t burn it!  On the other hand, something as simple as the smell of a real Christmas tree can create a scent that is pleasantly linked to happy Christmas memories. 

4.  Keep it cosy

Cushions make reception room look more cosy

The textured cushions in this two bedroom house in West Ealing that Northfields currently has available for sale make the reception room look cosier.

When people step through your door to view your home, make it so cosy they just don’t want to leave.  Try decorating with warm, textured fabrics – adding piles of cushions made from knit fabrics to sofas or beds is an inexpensive way to make people feel like they’d like to curl up and stay a while.  Dot candles around your home to add light and provide scent and atmosphere. 

Log screen tutorial from pepper design blog
If you are lucky enough to have a feature fireplace, try making it stand out by filling it with candles or try this amazing idea from Morgan who blogs at Pepper Design Blog.  You could use Morgan’s clever log fireplace screen to hide some clutter you tuck behind it, but it will look cosy and stylish at the same time!

5.  Light up your life

Anna hart table lamp brightening corner
This property styled by Anna Hart seems to say "Take a seat and stay a while".

Shorter days and often greyer skies sometimes mean that viewings over the winter months can be a bit on the dark side (and by that, I’m not referring to the dark side of Star Wars fame, I mean, it will literally be dark!).  Click the link to read some amazing tips from one of our guest bloggers, expert home stager, Anna Hart  about how to make the most of lighting in the winter months when you are selling your home.

One of the things that can be difficult about setting up your home for sale is standing back and looking at your property with fresh eyes to see what kind of first impression your home might make on a buyer.  If you want someone who sees properties day in and day out to have a look and give you a second opinion about your property and how it stacks up against other properties for sale in your area, call us on 020 8740 6622 or email us at [email protected]

We’re happy to lend you the benefit of our 27 years of experience.  It’s no fuss, it’s free and it’s no obligation.  We’d like to make sure you get what you want this holiday season – to get moving!