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For Sale and For Let Boards – a necessity for achieving a sale or let or an eyesore?

30 Aug 2013
For Sale and For Let Boards – a necessity for achieving a sale or let or an eyesore?

I’ve heard
people complain that estate agency “For Sale” and “For Let” boards are an
eyesore.  I can understand to a
certain extent why some people might feel that way.

If you saw four “For Sale” boards in the same area, all with different estate agents but only one of them said “Sold” which agent would you choose?

But when you are looking for a new home or wanting to move, they can be a godsend.

Let me tell
you a story…

When I was 10
years old, my family moved to a new area.
Not knowing the area well, I can remember driving up and down the
streets with my mum and brother trying to get a feel of the town.

In my 10
year old wisdom, I suggested counting the number of for sale boards and
whatever agent had the most we would go and visit to register.

clearly they were the best.

Of course,
at 10 years old I would have no idea that I would grow up to work for an estate
agency.  I didn’t know then that “board
presence” as estate agents call it, is often a pretty good indicator of market
dominance.  And that actually my
suggestion was pretty darn clever.

At the time
there weren’t online review sites like or social media
leaderboards like the Zoopla Property Power 100 to help gauge an agent’s
marketing effectiveness.  There weren’t
property portals like Zoopla and Rightmove that we could scout out or Google searches to help ferret out
the best ranked agents.

Even though
nowadays we have all these online tools to help us choose an estate agent,
sometimes the good old-fashioned “For Sale” or “For Let” board is the best way
to see that a property on our favourite street has become available for sale,
or that an agent has let 3 properties in that area recently so they must be doing
something right.

Help your property to get noticed and sold or let more quickly with a board – people looking for property in the area will be aware that your home is for sale, like this gorgeous one bedroom flat for sale in Hanwell.

Of course, “For Sale” or “For Let” boards are not always allowed on all properties or in some situations they may not be appropriate, but they do help us to attract buyers and tenants more quickly so that our sellers and landlords can get where they need to go.

If you are thinking of selling or letting, do consider a “For Sale” or “For Let” board.

You never know, there might be some clever-clogs 10 year old in the back of their parent’s car who spots the board in front of your property and decides that your property might be their next home.

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Colleen Babcock black and white bio photo
Colleen Babcock, Marketing Manager at Northfields

Colleen Babcock is the Marketing Manager at Northfields (once the 10 year old clever-clogs).  Colleen is available to answer your property related questions via Twitter @Northfieldslive