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Forget lasting posting dates for Christmas – what are the last selling dates for your home before Christmas!

27 Aug 2014
Forget lasting posting dates for Christmas – what are the last selling dates for your home before Christmas!

We’re all used to seeing the dates by which we all have to post our Christmas cards and packages widely publicised by the Royal Mail around the holidays.  At Northfields we felt it would be a handy reminder to anyone hoping to watch the Queen’s speech from the comfort of their new home, to put together a guide to when you have to put your home up for sale if you want to move by Christmas.

The thing is that is moving times vary widely by region and also be the circumstances of the particular property.

Although the national average for selling a home is 65 days according to Rightmove, luckily in London our market moves a bit quicker with an average of 41 days to sell your home.

If we’re working on averages; that would mean that the last day to sell your home if you want to be moved by Christmas would be November 12, 2014.

However, a word of caution: This depends on a number of factors, and unfortunately most of them are not entirely within your control as a seller nor under our control as your estate agent.  A standard transaction, with no unforeseen complications or delays, will normally take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.  Having said that, at Northfields we’ve even managed to exchange and complete on one property within 10 days! To achieve that kind of speed you need the co-operation of all parties involved.

So here are some last sell by dates if you want to be moved by Christmas:

November 12, 2014 – leaves you approximately the London average of 41 days to sell your home – but this is cutting it close!  You might be eating your Christmas dinner surrounded by packing boxes.  Also keep in mind that not many people view properties at this time of year as many people are busy with Christmas parties and festive activities.  However, this is a great time to buy a property for same reason – less competition!

October 8, 2014 – leaves you 12 weeks to sell your home – this leaves you a little bit of wiggle room with your dates but it still could mean you are in your old home when pulling your Christmas cracker should something unexpected come up during the process of selling.

September 15, 2014 – the date our CEO, Richard Palfreeman recommends you put your property on the market if you want to sell by Christmas – this leaves you time for unforeseen circumstances with a bit of breathing space.  Also if you begin marketing your home now before it gets dark earlier in the evening, the chances are your potential buyers will be seeing your property in a better light – literally!

Obviously, the longer you leave the decision to put your home up for sale, the more potential there is for stress, so do think about your particular circumstances to help you decide when your ideal last date to sell your house before Christmas might be.

We’d be happy to help you consider all the options and give you some advice tailored to your situation on when would be the best time for you to sell.  Call us on 020 8799 3371. Or ask us on Facebook at or Twitter @Northfieldslive.