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How can flowers help sell your home? Easy tricks with flowers to get buyers hooked!

4 Feb 2014

Please join us in welcoming our special guest blogger, Louise Coultas-Pitman of The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique. Located right across the street from our Northfield Avenue office, we get all our flowers from Louise so we know exactly how big an impact her flower arrangements can make!  

By guest blogger: Louise Coultas-Pitman

It’s amazing how certain scents and smells can trigger a childhood memory.  When it comes to selling your home, the smell of bread baking in the oven has always been a popular way to create a lovely homely aroma, however, it’s not quite that practical to always have a batch of dough rising ready to pop in the oven every time a prospective buyer comes round for a viewing! 


Certainly a much easier and altogether less time consuming option is to create a lovely welcoming display with flowers which can play a vital role in giving the rooms a lift and create a delightful fragrance to greet a buyer.  No matter how well your home is presented, a few simple touches with flowers will enhance your home and increase your chances of selling.

Create a ‘scent’sation

 There is something quintessentially special about a gorgeous scented flower arrangement that says this home is loved and well cared for, and that’s often what a buyer will be looking for.  Great flowers to add to an arrangement for this time of year are hyacinths and narcissi either in cut form or planted in pots, the latter will last longer so are more economical.  Both have a lovely fragrant perfume scent and create a warm and homely feel in a room.

Use a splash of colour


The entrance hall of a house can often seem a bit bare and neglected especially if you have followed the golden rules of selling and de-cluttered! Giving a plain hallway a boost with a vibrant splash of Spring colour can be instantly uplifting when a buyer sets foot inside the door.  Spring flowers such as tulips and calla lilies come in both pastel and deep vibrant shades to suit every decor style, and are available from December though to May.  Spring flowers are always cheery in the colder months and bring a feeling of lighter times to come lifting a buyer’s spirits!

Create a focal point

 If a room lacks a focal point or is plainly decorated and needs a boost, creating a simple centrepiece for a dining or coffee table, a cabinet or dresser can draw the eye and helps buyers to envisage themselves living there.  A simple arrangement, such as some lilies in a tall glass vase or twisted in a bowl, will look stunning and is an inexpensive way to add some instant glamour to a room.

Frame a garden window

If you have a kitchen windowsill that overlooks a tired and bare looking winter garden, simply plant a few established fresh herbs in an oblong planter or in low cost terracotta or metal pots in groups of three or five, depending on the space available.  Herbs such as lavender, oregano, eucalyptus and lemon verbena smell delicious and will create a lovely framed setting in the window. 


If you require further advice on creating the perfect floral masterpiece for your home or would rather leave it to the experts, then Louise is on hand at The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique.

Who is Louise?

Louwith flowers

Louise Coultas-Pitman, owner of the Cracked Pot in Northfields

Louise Coultas-Pitman is owner of The Cracked Pot Flower Boutique.  Louise is passionate about using fresh and unique flowers to create stunning floral arrangements for gift bouquets, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings and other occasions.  Louise has 18 years of expertise in floristry and is always happy to offer advice and discuss your requirements at the beautiful vintage flower shop in Northfields.



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Twitter:            @crackedpot159  

Our CEO at Northfields, Richard Palfreeman has always said that an arrangement of flowers placed near the entrance of a home can make a world of difference when you are trying to find the right buyer – it immediately makes the whole room look brighter and creates the right first impression.  Bloomin' marvellous!