Ideas to baby proof your home

Babies can start learning to crawl from around six months old, and once they’re off – woah, are they ever off ready to explore absolutely everything! If having a little one, and moving to a new property have coincided for you it might feel a bit overwhelming, so whether you’re a tenant or a property owner, here are some things you might want to think about when looking to baby proof your home.

  • Reduce heat on the surface of your oven door by fitting an oven door guard
  • Keep matches and lighters in a tall cupboard/ on a high shelf out of reach
  • Use doorstops to stop trapped finger incidents
  • Install baby gates to block stairways top and bottom
  • Building regulations stipulate that you should not be able to fit a 100mm sphere between any gaps on a staircase e.g. between spindles. If you’re living in an older property then they might not adhere to this, but you can block them with something like plastic garden fencing.
  • For fireplaces, install a fireguard, store logs, heavy fireplace tools, and fire lighting equipment well out of reach
  • Use rubbish bins with childproof lids

Top tip: relocate the plastic pot cupboard!

Keep a low down cupboard unlocked, with lightweight items like empty plastic pots which are safe for baby to rummage through and play with. If they do make it past the barricades, this will help distract them from other dangers of the kitchen and give them less time to try and work out how the childproof cupboard door latches function.

  • Beware of tablecloths! They look pretty, but if a baby uses one to pull herself up, she’ll bring it down along with that lovely vase of flowers you have in the middle of it.
  • Secure your fridge/ freezer with an appliance latch for when your baby realises that’s where yummy things are kept.
  • Add child latches to cupboards and drawers which contain dangerous items.

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