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How you can use social media to make your property sell or let faster

7 Jun 2014

Here’s a funny story: one of our team members shared some household items he wanted to get rid of on the local Facebook group, Northfields Facebook Friends.  It turned out that one of our colleagues wanted the items.  They sit side by side in the same office, but they had no idea that one had items going for sale that the other would like to buy. 


That begs the question, who do you see on a daily basis that may want a property just like yours? Would you even think to mention it to them?  Sharing your property on social media may just bring that friend out of the woodwork as your prefect buyer or tenant!

Social media sharing buttons

You’ve seen those little buttons on websites before with the Twitter or Facebook logo and you might have ignored them, but if you are trying to get your property sold or let, just taking a minute to click that button and share your property on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest could alert the people you already know that your property is available. They can then contact your estate agent who can deal with it from there.  No fuss, no muss.

You can take it one step farther by posting your property on local Facebook groups or by asking your friends to share it with their friends.

We recently had a landlord with an absolutely breath-taking property on St Kilda Road use the social media sharing buttons on our website to share her property via the Northfields Facebook Friends group – the same group our team member used to advertise the household items he had for sale.  That particular group is very active with over 4,500 members.  As it happened, we let that property after only one viewing, but the landlord got amazing feedback on her property from sharing it that way.

Not quite sure how to use those little social media sharing buttons?

No problem, we’ve put together a short how-to video that explains exactly how they work.  Take a look:


Does your agent have social media sharing buttons on their website?

We undertook a little bit of a survey of other local estate agents in the Ealing and West London area and what we found is that a great number of agents do not have social media sharing buttons.  Some have buttons linking to their own social media accounts or that allow you to like the company’s Facebook page, but many don’t have buttons that allow you to share or like just YOUR property. 

So if you are planning on selling or letting your property, you may want to have a look at various agents’ websites and look for those buttons. They can be a powerful tool.

How can we help you to get the most out of your property sale or let?  We’re happy to give you free advice or even offer a second opinion.  Call us now on 0208 799 3371 or tweet us @northfieldslive or contact us via our Facebook page.  We’re a social bunch!