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Marketing your property over the Christmas period? 5 tips to ensure that your Christmas decorations HELP you sell your property

24 Oct 2014

Imagine you are a buyer, walking up to a potential new home, the question ‘Can I picture myself living here?’ lodged firmly in your mind. Would you be put off by an inflatable snowman dangling from the roof, by gaudy flashing lights and fake snow blanketing the front lawn?


Christmas decorations needn’t be a hindrance to your sale. Instead, turn them into a positive. Use the Christmas period as an opportunity to show buyers that your property is the only place they want to spend their next Christmas. So before you start purchasing your Christmas decorations this season, think about making simple choices like swapping the garish lights for classic white lights or selecting a smaller Christmas tree to make a room look bigger – these tips can help transform your property into Christmas chic…

5 tips to ensure that your Christmas decorations HELP you sell your property

1.  Concentrate on kerb appeal.

Christmas entrance way

Photo from House to Home

Use lights to brighten up the doorway for evening viewings. Avoid coloured or flashing lights and instead opt for a uniform and classic white to create a welcoming entrance. Try placing a simple and elegant wreath on the door. You might want to pick one up from the local florists, such as The Cracked Pot on Northfield Avenue.

2. Pick a colour theme.

Christmas hall way

Photo from Modern Maggie


Stick to one or two colours for decorations, and do the same with the wrapping paper under the tree. The aim is to keep decorations simple and consistent, to to avoid creating a chaotic atmosphere and to achieve a look of classic elegance. 

3. Choose a smaller tree.

Christmas tree small to give more floor space

Try a tabletop Christmas tree for more floor space, like this beautiful tree from Belle Blanc

Don't get carried away when picking your Christmas tree and plump for the biggest one they have. Selecting a smaller tree which doesn't take up as much floor space can really make a room look bigger.

4. Don't display every Christmas card.

You might be tempted to show off every Christmas card you have received, but be careful – this tends to create a cluttered, messy sort of look. Placing a few around is fine – just don't go overboard. 

5. Use the smells of the season.

What better way to create a Christmassy, homely atmosphere than the very smells of the season? Buy a real pine tree, dig out the scented candles, light a fire if you have one. Make viewers really imagine their family spending Christmas in this home.

Helping you sell your property during the Christmas period 

While it is true that there are often not as many buyers out viewing properties for sale during the lead up to Christmas, the buyers who are looking tend to be very serious and motivated, so marketing your property during this time can be a wise move. 

Call us on 020 8799 3371 or request your valuation online to get some advice about getting your property sold this Christmas so that you can start the New Year in a new home.

Written by: Helen Fanthorpe