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Keeping up appearances Selling your house? Don’t forget the garden….

24 Oct 2013

We're pleased to have West London based garden designer, Caro Sanders guest blogging for Northfields and dishing the dirt on how your garden can help you sell your house.

Over to Caro….

How your
garden looks makes a huge difference to the appearance of your house – it’s the
overall setting for your home, and often it provides the route from the
pavement to the front door.  If you’re moving
house you don’t want to spend a fortune on re-designing the garden, of course,
but luckily there are some easy things you can do to make a big improvement.

 Caro garden design

Dramatic lighting & a stunning planted pot create maximum impact in this garden designed by our expert blogger Caro Sanders

These are my
Top Five Tips for how to get your garden ready to sell –


Start by having a
good critical look at the front garden from the road (could ask a friend to do
this for you for an unbiased opinion).   Look at it as though it’s another room in the
house, would you feel happy inviting someone in to spend time in it?  Have plants overgrown their space, does the
path or driveway need a sweep or a good clean? Are there weeds poking through
here and there?  Front gardens give
potential buyers the first impression of your home, so make it gleam!


Add some simple
containers – terracotta works well in most situations.  Fill with multi-purpose compost, and add some
evergreens such as ivy, plus whatever is in season – tulips make a great cheap
spring impact, geraniums (classy white or bold red) for the summer, grasses are
beautiful in the autumn, skimmias great for winter colour with white flowers
and red berries.  All are readily
available in local garden centres and DIY stores.  Keep it simple, you don’t want to be mistaken
for a municipal roundabout, so stick to one or two colours – think quality not



In the back garden –
if you have a lawn, mow it now! This single act will make the garden look (and
smell) instantly better. It’s the outdoor equivalent of putting on a fresh pot
of coffee or baking bread.   As temperatures fall,  the lawn really only needs one final cut for
winter, but the rest of the year make sure you mow the lawn weekly if you are
showing people the house.  For extra
special zing, you can trim the edges with shears too.


Is the garden
dark and gloomy?  Often just pruning back
some shrubs and reducing plant heights at the edges of the garden will
dramatically improve light levels and help the garden feel airy and attractive
rather than dumpy and grumpy.


If you don’t have
anything very exciting in flower, buy some instant colour and repeat round the
garden borders.  Aim to have at least 20%
of the available growing space with something flowering in it.  Go for bold but inexpensive – Penstemons (many
colours) flower from summer to Christmas, Rudbeckias are lovely sunny tall daisies
flowering all summer, Erysium ‘Bowles’ Mauve’ flowers on and off all year.  Keep it Simple.  Just adding a few splashes of well-chosen
floral sparkle will lift the mood of the garden no end.  And the mood of your prospective buyers too,
fingers crossed! Good luck! 


For more
hints and tips, or a personal garden consultation, please contact Caro Sanders,
owner of Caro Garden Design, a landscape design practice established ten years
ago in Northfields. 

Caro Sanders bio

Caro sanders-7085s square

Our guest blogger, Caro Sanders of Caro Garden Design

Caro is a
garden designer based in West London who loves helping home owners in London
and the Home Counties transform their gardens from ugly ducklings into
beautiful swans.  She can turn her
critical eye on any patch of land and offer helpful advice to potential sellers
as well as new buyers wanting to make the garden their own.  Trained in Garden Design at Capel Manor
College, she creates gardens little and large, and believes that everyone is
entitled to a great view, ideally from their own doorstep.


Email.                 [email protected]

Tel:                     020 8566 3750



Twitter:                @carogarden 

Thank you Caro for sharing your expert knowledge with us! Caro really knows her stuff, so make sure to get in touch with your gardening questions.  

At Northfields we don't know quite as much about soil or plants as Caro, but we do know the value of a good garden.  Thinking of selling?  Give us a call.  We're happy to come around and give you free advice and an up-to-date valuation of your property.  It's free, it's no fuss and it only takes 20 minutes.  Call us now on 020 8740 6622 or email us.

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