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Make your property the star of the show with its very own Northfields Showcase website to help your home sell for the best price

29 Oct 2013

Northfields we think that your property deserves to be put in the spotlight
without the listings for other properties that might catch a buyer’s attention
getting in the way.  That’s why we’ve
created our “Showcase” websites especially for our sellers – available on smartphone,
tablet and desk top and the first of its kind in our area to be enabled for all devices.

Phone and laptop with Northfields Showcase
Why a Showcase website will help you to sell your property:

1. Focuses a buyer’s attention on your
property alone

One of the tools we use to get your property
noticed are property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla as well as our own
website  Websites that
display a wide range of properties are a very important part of marketing your
property so it gets the most amount of exposure.  However, the property portals offer buyers something very tempting – other
properties that AREN’T yours
.  It is
fairly easy for your property to become lost in the shuffle.  But with your very own individually crafted website
with its own URL we can direct buyers to your property details where they won’t
become distracted by other properties.

2. You can share your property via
Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media you prefer to use

We’ve set up our Showcase websites so that our
sellers can show off the professional imagery of their home using our social
media sharing buttons.  Although we have
social media sharing buttons on our website, again, the social media enabled sharing function on your individual Showcase website
means that anyone who clicks the link you share is contained in a site
completely devoted to your property and only your property

We know from experience that if you share your
property with your network of friends, family and neighbours (and even ask them
to share it across their networks) it may very well be that a friend of a
friend thinks that your property is just perfect for them.  They can then contact us via the links on
your Showcase website and we can take it from there.  And all you have to do is click.

And don’t forget potential buyers can also
share the link to your Showcase website using social media.  That ripple effect is very powerful,
particularly when it is only your property in the spotlight.

3. Enabled for desktop, tablet and

Our showcase websites are not only available
via desktop, they are also enabled for tablet and smartphone, so even on the go
buyers can look at your property on your exclusive website.  As our Showcase websites are interactive
buyers can touch, swipe and click their way around your website and easily get
a hold of us to book a viewing.  1 in 5 property searches now happen via
mobile devices
, so if your estate agent is not using an interactive mobile
enabled format, you could be missing out on 1 in 5 buyers.  Are you willing to take that risk?

4. No adverts means no distractions

While our website is solely
focussed on property, the main property portals Rightmove and Zoopla do feature
ads for other estate agents or outside services that may not have anything to
do with property.  You don’t want someone
suddenly deciding to see what offer Argos has available or popping off to look
at the cheap flights they can get from Thomas Cook – those ads pull people away
from your property.  Our Showcase
websites mean that the only thing someone is thinking of buying is your home.

We offer
our sellers their very own Showcase website because we want to get you the very
best price, the most reliable buyer and the smoothest move along your
timescales that we can possibly manage. 
Putting your property in the limelight with its own website is just part
of our Red Carpet service.

See for yourself

Get a feel
for a the professional imagery and interactive feel of a Northfields Showcase
website with this example:

If you are
thinking of selling and want some free advice and an up-to-date valuation of
your property, call us now on 020 8740
or email us at [email protected].

Or if you
have any questions about property or the West London market, tweet us
@Northfieldslive or even speak directly to our Managing Director on Twitter
@nickdevonport.  We’re available on
Facebook too.  We are available however
and whenever you need us.