In our recent article talking about how to find a great estate agent, one of the things we mentioned was finding out how your agent goes about marketing property to appeal to buyers, so we thought we’d lay out what we do here.

Property marketing starts before you see it posted anywhere online

The bit of property marketing no-one really sees, involves lots of phone calls. Behind the scenes, we get loads of people who are looking for a specific type of property in the area giving us their details ‘in case something comes up’, so first things first we look through our list and get in touch with anyone we think your property might hit the spot for. This all goes on while photos and videos of your property are being taken, so in that ‘gap’, we’re certainly not idle!

Professional photography

When selling a home, we’re not just selling a building to people, we’re selling a lifestyle. Someone browsing properties needs to be able to imagine themselves living there to some degree, in order to want to book a viewing in the first place. That’s why we think professional photography is so incredibly important when it comes to marketing your home to appeal to buyers.

The professionals know exactly how to present your home to do just that, and capture the attention of potential buyers while they’re scrolling, as well as their imaginations.

Virtual tours

During lockdown before the start of the COVID vaccine rollout, Estate Agents adopting virtual tours was out of necessity, so people could view properties while remaining COVID safe. That worked really well as a way to reduce in-person viewings, but it’s actually worked so well and we’ve had such great feedback that we’re carrying on!

It also allows us to attract buyers from further afield, perhaps someone who is currently abroad looking to move to London, who doesn’t have the ability to travel for a viewing.

We have an in-house videographer working on our tours, it’s a great tool for lettings as well as sales, with so many people happy to rent a property just from a virtual viewing.

Property portals

We list our properties on both Rightmove and Zoopla, two of the biggest names people search to find their dream homes, we also monitor listings and refresh images and text as appropriate, to ensure they’re attracting maximum traffic.

Social media

We maintain an active presence across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business. Google My Business is a big one, because it keeps us sitting at the top of search results where we can be seen, and that gives the property pages on our website a great boost.

How to find our virtual tours

Once you’ve found a property you like using our simple search feature, click on it and it will open a dedicated page. In the options just above the property image, you’ll be able to see the overview, gallery, maps, virtual tour, floorplan and brochure. If you select virtual tour, this will take you to a new page and you’ll be able to have a wander around the property in the comfort of your own home!

It’s a really great way to help buyers who might not know exactly what they’re looking for, cut down on the time they spend looking at properties in person.

Here's an example

Here's an example of what you can expect from one of our virtual tours.

Mount Pleasant Road, W5

If you like the look of this fantastic 5 bed family home with off-street parking, then you can view full details here.

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