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New Start with Northfields: How to give your home a fresh start now that the Christmas decorations are down

6 Jan 2014
New Start with Northfields: How to give your home a fresh start now that the Christmas decorations are down

Twelfth Night has come and gone and so presumably so has your Christmas tree.  This might be the perfect time to look at your home with fresh eyes, give it a clean and a refresh for the New Year or perhaps to prepare to sell.

Here is what you can do to give your home a fresh start for the New Year!


1. Start with a good hoover and clean

The needles from Christmas trees really seem to get everywhere! Give your rooms a good hoover.  Dust where you have removed any table-top Christmas decorations.

2. Wait! Don’t just stick your knick-knacks back in their habitual spots

Take this moment to assess the small things that can clutter up surfaces like magazines, bowls, pictures frames and small decorative items.  You may have held onto something because it was a gift or just because it is habit.

It is often said that good decorating is more about removing things than adding. Certainly at Northfields when selling property we advise a less is more policy.

This video from Fay Wolf and Apartment Therapy may help you to decide which items you should give away to start fresh.

3. Re-jig your space

Chances are you will have had to move some furniture to make room for your Christmas tree, so why not take the opportunity to see if you can create a new look by swapping around some of your existing furniture. Would rearranging the space give you better traffic flow?

Do you have furniture that is old or broken or that you are just not using? Why not give it away?

And don’t just limit yourself to the one room where your Christmas tree stood – could you swap the cushions on your bed with the cushions on your sofa for a different look, for example? Would a side table in your reception room actually look good in a bedroom?

4. Liven up your walls

One easy and low cost way to change your perspective and the look of your home is to change framed photos and artwork.  If you’ve got older family photos on display you may want to update them.

If you are getting ready to sell you may want to consider putting more generic artwork on display to “de-personalise” the space, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on new artwork.  You can search on the internet for free printable artwork like this collection from Indiefixx.

Free artwork download

Just print it off and put it in a frame! Instant refresh.

5. Clean out your storage area

Before you stick your Christmas decorations back in your loft or box room, think about whether or not you need to keep all your Christmas decorations.  Are some looking a bit tired or do you have too many? Donate the extras to a charity shop so someone else can enjoy them.

You might want to take the opportunity to clean out your storage space.  If you are thinking of moving in 2014, cleaning out your storage space would make an excellent weekend project this January which will not only make you feel virtuous but will help when moving day comes along.

Need more advice on how to make your moving day easier?

Ask us your questions about moving home via our Twitter account @Northfieldslive or via our Facebook page.  How can we help you make 2014 your best year yet?