Preparing your home to sell can feel like a bit of a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are our 8 top tips for getting your home in the best possible position to sell, before someone comes to take photos for your marketing. Learn more about selling your home HERE.

#1 Start packing

This might seem a bit daft – your home isn’t even on the market yet – but there is method behind the madness. When you’re selling your home, the goal is for potential buyers to be able to see themselves living there. We won’t describe it as ‘clutter’ because that’s rude, but the more of your possessions you can pack into boxes and store away, for photos to be taken and viewings, the better.

This not only helps potential buyers envisage themselves living there, it’ll help you, too! You’ve just made your packing-to-move job much easier when the time comes.

#2 Try and remove as many personal items as possible

This is almost the same as point 1, but worth mentioning on its own. It’s also often written about like it’s an easy thing to take all of your photos down, and pack them away while you’re selling – but we know it isn’t. It’s important to mention though, because again this helps potential buyers envision themselves living there, rather than feeling like they’re encroaching on your space.

If you struggle to take all of your family photos down and pack them away, why not pack the majority, but save a small box of special photos that you can pop back up once photos have been taken or viewings have taken place. Yes, it’s helpful to remove them to sell, but it’s still your home that you’re living in until you’ve sold and have somewhere new to live.

#3 Get those small DIY jobs completed

That doorknob that you’ve been meaning to fix back on, or that brown patch in the corner of your ceiling where the shower leaked once? Now is the time to get those fixed. Although you may have been living with these things for some time and grown accustomed to them, potential buyers will have their senses attuned to the slightest thing that makes them feel like there might be a lot of work to do to the property.

By getting these little jobs done, splashing some neutral paint on walls that haven’t been decorated for a long time to freshen things up, you’ll be removing obstacles from the mind of potential buyers, hopefully speeding up the time it takes you to sell.

#4 Create light, bright, and airy space

If you’re selling in spring or summer, make sure blinds are open fully, and you’re really making the most of the natural light to show off your home. If you’re expecting evening viewings or are trying to sell in the autumn or winter, then consider adding more lamps. Good lighting creates a sense of space, which is really important to buyers.

#5 Take tips from style magazines

We’re not advocating that you need to turn your home into a show home here. But by looking at home décor magazines, or scrolling through some interior design boards on Pinterest, you can get some good inspiration for creating little focal points of interest around your home, which can also help with the flow of a viewing – the experience of viewers walking round your home.

This might be a well-positioned lamp, a big vase of flowers (fresh, artificial, or dried), or house plants in areas of your home which feel quite plain. There’s a fine line here with overdoing it though, less is definitely more.

#6 Move pet beds when preparing your home to sell

We all love our pets, and they’re part of the family so removing all evidence of them is really hard. But it’s also important to bear in mind that not everyone feels that way, so if you are able to move your dog’s bed or cat litter tray for photos and viewings, this will really help widen the appeal of your home.

#7 Kerb appeal

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, and the first thing that your potential buyers are going to see when they pull up outside, is the front of your house. If you have bins that you keep there for convenience, consider moving them to the side if you can. Make sure your garden is tidy, and windows are clean. People will be much more receptive to the inside, if the outside doesn’t make them think that there’s going to be a lot of work required on the property before they’ve even crossed the threshold.

#8 Big items in the hallway

Pushchairs are one of the most useful items in the world, there’s no disputing that. But they’re also big, bulky things that can easily get in the way when not in use. They also become invisible to you as you learn to live round them, but they won’t have the same invisibility to people looking at the photos of your home online, or paying you a visit. If possible, when you have a viewing pop your pushchair in the car, or ask if you can just leave it briefly with a neighbour for half an hour or so. It might seem like a bit of a faff, but trust us, it’s a worth it faff if buyers don’t have to squeeze past it in your hallway and you sell your home faster as a result.

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