Did you know, 76% of people say that first impressions are everything when it comes to viewing a home? That’s huge, and in the time of virtual viewings, how can we even start to replicate a similar feeling? Here’s our best advice for preparing your home for virtual viewings.

Open the doors

Open doors

Before your virtual viewing starts, wander round your home and open all the doors. This will allow you to give a really flowing tour of your home, and will avoid any unnecessary fumbling with door handles. It will also help potential viewers get more of an idea as to the layout of your home.

Do a spring clean

Spring cleaning materials on wooden background - virtual viewings

If you’re the one showing people round, not only will doing a spring clean make the space look fresh, clean and appealing on video, it will also get you in the right mindset and give you the confidence to present it to potential buyers.

Get rid of clutter

This one isn’t just for virtual viewings, this is for you, too. If you have a good clear out at this stage, you won’t have to worry about moving anything you don’t want to keep on moving day. This will either save you money, if you’re using a removals firm, or your arms if you’re moving yourself. Either way, it’s a win.

Hide children’s toys

We know, we’ve been there. Little ones love nothing more than brightly coloured, plastic toys and somehow, we’re not sure how, they appear to multiply when you’re not looking. Try and keep these to a minimum throughout your home as much as possible during viewings, keeping them neatly stored in bedrooms or playrooms if you can. You’re trying to sell a lifestyle, and even if a viewer has children themselves, they might not want to imagine the reality of themselves being surrounded by toys.

Minimise personal items

The idea is that you want any potential buyer to see themselves living in your home. Some people find this easier than others, so you want to imagine that you’ll be showing your home to someone who finds it more difficult, and make it as easy as possible for them. Pop away photos and other personal items, and use more neutral items such as plants, vases, or candles to create a homely feel that your potential buyer will find it easier to identify with.

Set the table and make the beds

Set dining table

Dining room tables have played a huge part in lots of lives over the past year during the pandemic, with many people using theirs as a makeshift desk, as well as a makeshift classroom. If at all possible, clear off your table and lay it with plates, glasses, cutlery and maybe even some flowers. Not only will it look great, it’ll once again help your viewers imagine themselves sitting at their own table, making their own memories.

As for beds, is there anything more appealing than a well-made bed? Plump those pillows and smooth out those duvet creases. These tiny touches really help set the scene and make your rooms extra welcoming.

Get out into the garden!

Spring flowers

One of the top things people have been looking for in properties since the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020, is outdoor space. As the first signs of spring start to appear, if you can make sure the garden is tidy, and maybe add a few touches like spring bulbs if you’re able, it will make a huge difference to the opinion of potential buyers during virtual viewings.

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