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Throwback Thursday: A study has more value than a box room & a bedroom more value than a study

23 Aug 2013

Many people have one – a small room that they fill with boxes.  It is that landing place for out of season or out of fashion clothes, old Christmas decorations and those things you keep meaning to take to the charity shop

But did you know that if you are showing a property for rent or sale that your "box room" could be lessening the value of your home?

If you have ever watched a property show on TV, you've probably heard that it is a good idea to de-clutter. De-clutter means that everything extra should go. 

Top Tip for Getting Your Property Sold or Let Faster
Single bedroom dressing can help sell a property

You might be surprised to hear that while all those boxes of dusty Christmas decorations should go – you may want to add extra furniture.  Adding furniture to your box room could help add to both your home's appeal and its value.

A study is worth more than a box room, but a single bedroom is worth more than study, so it may be worthwhile to "dress" the room for the duration of the viewings. 

For example, if you can get a single bed in the room, put one in and dress it as a bedroom, even if you have not used the room for that purpose. 

It will help potential buyers and tenants picture how that room could be used.

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