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Throwback Thursday: What to do if your property is still on the market and just isn’t getting offers

27 Feb 2014

If you've had your property listed for rent or for sale for a while now and haven't managed to get the property under offer, maybe it's time to a have a new listing as spring rolls around.


David Orpin, Branch Manager in our Pitshanger office is one of our expert team who are able to provide their free expert local advice

Here are some things to consider to help get your property sold or let:

1.  Pictures for a new season – If you first offered your property to the market in winter, for example, and the exterior shots of your property are showing snow instead of the crocuses popping up on the lawn maybe it's time for a new exterior shot of the property.

2.  De-clutter – The less clutter there is in your home, the better it will look to perspective tenants or buyers.  It creates more sense of space and it also de-personalises the property.  It is easier for people viewing your property to picture it as "theirs" if the property is a blank slate.  You may want to pack up particularly personal items or even photos to achieve that effect.  Think of it as getting a head start on your packing for when you do move.

3.  Clean up the front of the house – Sometimes people won't bother to view a property after doing a drive-by.  Increase the "kerb appeal" of your property by tidying the front garden and even giving your front door a fresh coat of paint.  If, like most people, you have those unsightly rubbish bins in the front garden, read this article on how to hide the rubbish.

4.  Buy some fresh flowers – It may seem like a very simple suggestion, but a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers, particularly in the hallway (if you have the room) or in the reception room, really brightens things up and makes people feel more positive about a property. See this guest blog post from florist, Louise at the Cracked Pot for help with using flowers to make your property more appealing.


A vase of bright blooms on this table in this two bedroom maisonette for sale in Larden Road bring a hint of spring to this property

5.  Get new photos taken – Once you've had a tidy and bought some blooms, call your estate agent and ask them to retake the photos of your property.  House hunters who have already seen your property listed on websites will look again if they see some fresh photos.

6.  Discuss a new price with your estate agent – If your property has been up for sale or rent for some time now, it is very likely that price is the main culprit.  A good estate agent should be giving you feedback after every viewing to tell you how things went.  Listen carefully to the feedback from people who have viewed your property and remember that almost all objections can be overcome if the price is right.  You may also want to check the asking prices of other similar properties in your area on the internet.  If the flat next door is the same as yours and is being sold for £5,000 less, which property do you think someone will want to view?  Remember, you must make your property look more desirable than the competition and the best way to do that is to price your property realistically. Most of all you need to listen to your estate agent.  At Northfields we are often achieving or exceeding our asking prices for our sellers so if your estate agent is not managing to achieve that, perhaps you need a second opinion.

We can provide a second opinion

If you have had your property on the market for quite some time with no success, call Northfields Estates  on 020 8740 6622 now to take advantage of our award winning team's expert advice.  Or e-mail us.  We're here for you.