Although it’s unlikely that you will be moving at the moment unless absolutely necessary, we thought we would write some posts aimed at both first-time buyers and those who perhaps haven’t moved in a long time and are unfamiliar with the process. 

David Orpin, Land & New Homes Manager

David has written some pointers regarding completion day – the day of your big move.

The day of completion is always a good one.. the excitement to move into a new home is always a special feeling. You’ve been waiting for sometimes months for this day to arrive and finally, it’s here….  but now what? It’s often in the few days leading up to this point that I get a call asking what will actually happen.

Does everyone have to move at 12pm?

For the sellers, they may be moving out that morning having packed up their belongs and waiting for the removal company to arrive. The buyers may be in the same position and while the traditional time to move out is 12pm, it is all subject to the chain, the speediness of your solicitor and, in some cases, your lender. In the days leading up to the day of completion, we would have coordinated with both parties a plan that puts everyone on the same page so that the experience is a good one. Everyone can move out and in without bumping into each other on the doorstep and it takes all the stress out.  Believe me though, it can still be a stressful day with so much happening!

What happens when all money has been paid?

Once the final payments have been made on your purchase and the seller’s solicitor has confirmed they have received the full balance, they will authorise us to release the keys to the buyers. We would then notify the buyers that the purchase has completed and the keys can be collected. They are usually collected from the office which you have been dealing with throughout the transaction but again this can be coordinated with the agent. I often meet the buyers at the property on the day of moving in and have a quick walk around. It’s incredible how many times new keys and locks have a ‘knack’ that needs to be passed on to the new owner! Little things like that I can run through to make the new property instantly feel more like home.

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